God’s Mission for New Hope

New Hope Fellowship is a Christian family of faith of the homeless and formerly homeless ministering to each other in Jesus’ name  in Fairfax, VA.

Our mission is worshipping, loving, following, and submitting to Jesus; loving and sacrificially helping each other, and reaching out to our community with the forgiving, saving, healing, restoring love of Christ. “Assuredly, I say to you, in as much as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you did it to me.”

Who We Are

A faith family of the poor and homeless in Fairfax Virgina.

Come and Worship

We believe in the Risen Lord Jesus and His ability to redeem lives.

Partner with Us

Many ways to help.

“New Hope is unique, special. It’s a place where once you enter the door, you can see God, right away.”

“New Hope challenged me to make the scriptures come alive in my life.”

“God is all over the place; that’s my church.”

“When God calls us to reach out to people, it is not so we can keep them at arm’s length. It’s so we can embrace them.”

“Very real, very raw…Everyone comes to New Hope as we are.”

“You can go to church and feel comfortable there.”

“A good training ground to be a strong Christian with a strong heart and a strong mind”

Windy Walton

Windy Walton


Pastor Windy Walton is an ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church. Our Lord is working in wonderful ways through her ministry at NHF. She previously served as outreach/missions pastor in Charlottesville and worked 20 years in an ER. She has an AS in Christian Ministry from Indiana Wesleyan. She has 2 sons and one granddaughter.

Elizabeth Childs Drury

Elizabeth Childs Drury

Asst. Pastor

Asst. Pastor Elizabeth Childs Drury teaches, speaks, coaches, and writes, about diversity in church ministry. Before serving in four multiethnic churches, she lived overseas, directed Central Europe programs for an educational services ministry, and trained hundreds of overseas workers. An ordained Wesleyan minister, she holds a PhD in Intercultural Education from Biola University, an MA in Linguistics from the University of South Carolina, and a BA in English from Southern Wesleyan University. She and Scott married in 1992 and have four sons, who all serve faithfully at New Hope.