Dear friends and brothers and sisters in Christ,

So I am sitting here thinking it’s only two weeks until Thanksgiving, and I have not heard back from New Hope Fellowship’s yearly Thanksgiving update letter. Of course, the reason for that is I never sent it out. My dear friends, aging is such a wonderful experience and definitely not for wimps. Please forgive me for this oversight, and let me tell you about some of the new things our ever-faithful Lord is doing at New Hope, and some of the ways our family and friends can come alongside Him in His work.

We are about half way through our 15th year, and God is really on the move. I hope you have met New Hope’s new Assistant Pastor, Windy Walton. We are soooo blessed to have her with us. You can read about her in the brochure I have attached. In addition to continuing our Sunday service with breakfast and dinner, our 3rd Friday movie night at Lamb Center, and our Wednesday prayer meeting at Stevenson Place, New Hope’s Saturday Bible study for our men that we started this year at Centreville Presbyterian is going strong, and our women’s Bible study will begin on Saturday mornings in January. Just last Sunday, a wonderful New Hope family began working with our children during the message part of our worship service. Oh, and check out our new video that some precious friends put together for us.

I say it again–we are so BLESSED!

One of our most exciting activities this year is coming to a close on November 17th. Centreville Presbyterian Church graciously offered New Hope members the opportunity to attend the Jobs for Life program they sponsored and staffed . This program is assisting many of our members in discovering God’s plan for their work life and providing them with strategies and skills necessary to achieve their vocational goals in accordance with Biblical guidance. We are looking forward to celebrating their graduation! Thank you again CPC!

Our Lord continues to grow our congregation, and we are now outgrowing the community center. This is definitely a good challenge to have. Please pray for us, and if you know of an available space, please let me know. As you know, hypothermia emergency shelter season is coming soon, and we are looking forward to welcoming many more new brothers and sisters to the family. When I look at the community center, I see it as a cartoon with the walls bowed and roof extended and arms and legs sticking out all over the place.

Again this year New Hope is planning a day of Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving, November 24, and a Christmas Celebration on the Sunday before Christmas, December 18. We will, of course, also be open to worship our Lord on Christmas Day. We greatly need your help to make these two celebrations a great time with our Lord as well as support to continue our Sunday ministry, especially during the tough winter season. As many of you know, New Hope Fellowship is a church of the poor serving the poor. God’s beloved from the homeless and formerly homeless community in Fairfax serve as volunteers and leaders. Therefore, our financial and other support come from people like you and churches and other organizations like yours who love the Lord and are moved to help our brothers and sisters in need.
We are still in great need of food donations and volunteers for our Thanksgiving Celebration. This year we can begin setting up at 5pm on Wednesday evening, which is a blessing. On Thanksgiving Day, we begin setting up at about 7 am, serve a light breakfast at 8, service at 10:30, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner following the service, and clean up beginning about 1:30 and lasting until about 4. Last year, close to 200 precious souls shared Thanksgiving with us, and we are praying to serve this many or more this year. Many of you have assisted us in the past, and we hope we can count on you again this year. Below are the Sign-up Genius links for food and volunteers for Thanksgiving.

I will be sending the Christmas Celebration sign-up right after Thanksgiving. If you prefer to contribute financially to one or both of these
celebrations or to our ongoing financial needs, (we can always us gas for the vans and we would like to give our brothers and sisters a $5 McDonalds card at Thanksgiving) our mailing address is New Hope Fellowship, PO 219, Fairfax, VA 22038. And of course, first and foremost, we need you to cover us in prayer.

Of course all donations are much appreciated and tax deductible.

Much love & many prayers,
Pastor Pat Deavers
New Hope Fellowship